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Hinsdale Adventist Academy has a robust history of financial support from alumni, parents and friends. Generous contributions over the years has strengthened the School and helped make Hinsdale Adventist Academy the outstanding educational christian institution it is today.


Donors support Hinsdale Adventist Academy in many ways and for many reasons. We invite you to learn about the School’s development priorities, each of which helps to sustain the unique student experience that makes a Hinsdale Adventist Academy education a lifelong gift.

At Hinsdale Adventist Academy, education means an academically excellent curriculum with a solid scriptural foundation that will instill a biblical worldview. This outcome, however, is not completely self-funding.


The Education for Eternity Fund bridges the gap between tuition income and the true cost of operating our school. We believe that changing the world for Christ starts with nurturing one student at a time. The Education for Eternity Fund supplies the financial resources to provide students with a Christ-centered, academically excellent education which focuses on developing God-given gifts and abilities so students can impact the world and build God’s kingdom.


By giving to the Education for Eternity Fund, you will make an impact on every aspect of school life - academics, spiritual development, athletics, fine arts, and technology. Our Education for Eternity Fund is essential each year because it supports the entire school from pre-K through grade 12.

Your gift is a commitment to support the cause of Christian schooling in the greater Chicagoland area.  Every gift is appreciated - no gift is too small!  When you give to Hinsdale Adventist Academy, you are not just giving to educate a student, you are investing in a life that will impact our world for the glory of God.

God’s plan for raising children begins with families.  Some families who desire exemplary Christ-centered education are unable to provide full tuition for their children.  Your gifts allow students, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, a chance to receive a life-changing Christian education experience.

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