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) By Adding Sections and Diagrams to SolidWorks Diagrams (PDF) SolidWorks V2. 1 Dec 2011 • 10 MB. About. (Preview). The download is indexed by title, author and ebay item ID. Please note that the download does not always include the full package. This is because the package is updated frequently so some the versions may be from other versions or incomplete sets of the files. There is a free trial version of the software which includes 5 drawings and all the documentation which is available on the SolidWorks web site at Once you purchase the software it comes with 25 drawings and all the documentation.The present invention relates to an imaging lens for forming an image of an object on an imaging element such as a CCD sensor and a CMOS sensor. In particular, the present invention relates to an imaging lens suitable for mounting in a relatively small camera such as a mobile phone, a digital still camera, a portable information terminal, and a security camera, as well as a vehicle-mounted camera, a network camera, an industrial video camera, a medical camera, and a toy camera. An imaging lens for mounting in a relatively small camera has been required to achieve a wide angle of view, a small size, and a large aperture. However, when the size of each lens is reduced, the overall length of the lens system tends to increase. Further, as the size of the imaging lens is reduced, the amount of movement of each lens is reduced. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve wide angle of view and downsizing of the lens system simultaneously. The imaging lens mounted in the above-mentioned relatively small camera is generally composed of five lens elements. For example, Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2010-239143 discloses an imaging lens composed of five lens elements, in which an aperture stop is located between the second lens element and the third lens element. However, if an attempt is made to further reduce the size of the imaging lens, an appropriate distance between the aperture stop and the stop becomes short, so that a problem occurs in which it is difficult to correct aberrations sufficiently. Especially, when the size of the imaging lens



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RompiendoLasMaldicionesFrankHammond2pdf sanjday
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