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HAA has developed an athletic program that holds firmly to the values of physical fitness, group participation, social skills, decision making, and above all, Christian principles.


By cultivating a high level of physical conditioning, social interaction, and spiritual pursuit, athletics can become a tool for successful development of the whole person.


Colossians 3:17 challenges us to perform every activity for the glory of God, and it is the goal of HAA athletics to plant this belief as a constant reminder in the minds and hearts of our students.

HAA offers an intramural program for students in grades 7-12 that includes basketball, flag football, soccer, and volleyball. Our Pee Wee sports program for students in Kindergarten - 4th grade ensures that even our youngest students have the opportunity to apply the skills they learn to real game situations.

Our interscholastic athletic program, for students in grades 5-12, includes:

  • High School Boys Soccer (fall)                      

  • High School Girls Basketball (winter)

  • Middle School Boys Basketball (winter)

  • Middle School Girls Basketball (winter)

  • High School Boys Volleyball (spring)

  • Middle School Boys Volleyball (spring)

  • Middle School Co-Ed Soccer (fall)

  • High School Girls Volleyball (fall)

  • Middle School Girls Volleyball (fall) 

  • High School Boys Basketball (winter)



2021 Union College Warriors Fall Tournament

H.S. Girls Volleyball Clocktower Champions

2021-2022 GVB.jpeg

2021-22 Metro Prep Conference

H.S. Girls Varsity Basketball Champions

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