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Application Process

Admissions Policy

All students with a sincere desire to develop mentally, spiritually, and physically and who willingly support the
principles of conduct upon which Seventh-day Adventist Christian education is based are welcome to apply.

Those who enroll will assert their respect and honor for the religious principles on which the school is founded.  It should be understood that every student who presents themselves for admission to Hinsdale Adventist Academy thereby pledges to:
• observe all its regulations
• uphold the Seventh-day Adventist Christian principles upon which the school is operated
• perform all assigned school duties to the best of their ability

Failure to honor this pledge may result in the forfeiture of the student’s right to attend Hinsdale Adventist Academy.  

HAA seeks to serve those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ or are willing to develop one.  Parent(s)/guardians and students are expected to support and uphold school standards.   A student is liable for serious discipline or immediate dismissal from the school if they deviate from the citizenship standards as outlined in the student handbook.

Experience has shown that students do best in school when they have reached a certain age before beginning their school experience.  Hinsdale Adventist Academy follows the guidelines below for admission age:

• Kindergarten – children who are five (5)  years old by September 1st of the current school year are eligible for admission.
• First Grade – children who are six (6) years old on or before September 1st of the current school year are eligible for entrance to first grade.  Students who enroll in first grade will have successfully completed a kindergarten program.


Students who have not attended kindergarten may be submitted for readiness testing to determine eligibility.

Admission of New or Transfer Students

New or transfer students must make formal application to enter any of the grades (K-12) by completing the
appropriate application forms.  The Admissions Committee will review each application and students will be notified of their acceptance in writing.  New applicants will be placed on probationary status for a period of 14 days.

Admission is based on the following satisfactory criteria, which must be verified and voted on by the Admissions Committee prior to the first day of school.
1. Verification of placement from the former school.
2. Completion of two recommendation forms.
3. Financial clearance from the previous school.
4. Submission of current health records.

5. Medical School Physical/Sports Physical (Current academic school year)

Admission of Foreign Students

HAA gladly accepts foreign students into our academic program.  Before acceptance can be granted and an I-20 form issued, a foreign student must meet the normal entrance requirements for all students.  All non-U.S. citizens must provide HAA with copies of visas and/or passports.  Foreign students may be requested to pass an English proficiency test.  There is a $250.00 fee for the processing and creating of an I-20.

Admission of Returning Students

The admissions committee will review student records and the student will be notified of their acceptance in writing.


Admission is based on the following criteria, which must be verified and voted on by the Admissions Committee prior to the first day of school.
1. Satisfactory completion of the prior school year.
2. Current financial accounts.
3. Up-to-date health records.
4. Compliance with behavioral standards.

Academic Placement

Hinsdale Adventist Academy reserves the right to give entrance and qualifying tests as deemed advisable.  The results of such tests will be used in determining placement in a study program where the student may do their best work.  All new students should be prepared to provide proof of grade placement at registration.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Hinsdale Adventist Academy admits students to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic background, country of origin or gender in administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and aid programs and other school-administered programs.

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