At Hinsdale Adventist Academy, we like to say that we're more of a BIG family!


Because of that perspective, our faculty and staff make a deliberate effort to encourage, affirm, and develop life-long relationships with all of our students. Everyone here is committed to providing whatever support is necessary to ensure our students are successful in the pursuit of their most aspirational goals.

Students have a number of extracurricular activities and programs available to them, all specifically developed to help them cultivate leadership skills, foster interpersonal relationships, and grow into more competent members of society. Additionally, at the core of our student life activities is the belief that all of our students are uniquely created by God and have special gifts, talents, and ideas to share with others.

To really get a picture of what student life is like at HAA though, we encourage prospective students to call for an appointment to visit our campus or attend one of our scheduled Visitors Days. You can find more information about those on our Calendar. We look forward to showing you what Hinsdale Adventist Academy has to offer!  

Music Program

"Sing unto the Lord all the Earth!"

1 Chronicles 16:3

Beautiful music fills the hallways of HAA every morning as our students start their day with a special classroom devotional time.

In addition to the classroom music, our passionate Music Director, Mr. Daniel, aims to bring out the musical talent he believes is inherent in every person.

Mr. Daniel directs high school and middle school bands, several choirs, & two bell choirs, and our students are consistently given the opportunity to participate in community music programs throughout Chicagoland.

We love our music program!

Mission Week

Each year our students have the opportunity to participate in either an international, domestic, or local mission trip. It's an awesome chance to take them out of their comfort zones and really impact the lives of others in a practical way!

Athletic Program

HAA has developed an athletic program that holds firmly to the values of physical fitness, group participation, social skills, decision making, and above all, Christian principles.

By cultivating a high level of physical conditioning, social interaction, and spiritual pursuit, athletics can become a tool for successful development of the whole person.


Colossians 3:17 challenges us to perform every activity for the glory of God, and it is the goal of HAA athletics to plant this belief as a constant reminder in the minds and hearts of our students.

Physical Education classes with our certified P.E. Instructor begin in kindergarten and go through 10th grade.  In addition, HAA offers a full intramural program for students in grades 6-12 that includes flag football, volleyball, softball and basketball. Our Pee Wee sports program for students in Preschool - 5th grade ensures that even our youngest students have the opportunity to apply the skills they learn to real game situations.

Our interscholastic athletic program includes boys varsity soccer, girls and boys varsity volleyball, and basketball at the middle school (co-ed grades 5 - 8), boys JV, and girls & boys varsity levels. 









1st Place Div. II

2018 Newmyer Classic


2018 Metro-Prep League Champions

Visual Arts Program


The art program at Hinsdale Adventist Academy has significantly expanded over recent years, most recently with the introduction of our amazing teacher, Mrs. Sandra Mendez.


A nationally-renowned photographer, Mrs. Mendez believes that the opportunity for creativity can and should be a very spiritual experience. Here are some of her thoughts, in her own words!

"The first thing God did was create! He had to have such a broad imagination to create so many different varieties of animals, people, plants, and more! Having an opportunity to be creative helps us start to think through His eyes. As we go about the process, we are appreciating the Creator. In a digital world, everyone is too fast, and we get too lazy to appreciate what He has created. By taking our students through an art class, we are slowing them down and showing them God."

In addition, it has also been shown that art education fosters brain development, especially of the creative and intuitive right brain functions. Skills developed through art lead to better learning in other areas. Students develop not only their creativity, but also in their thinking skills, self-expression, appreciation of art & music, learning of other cultures, and even simply personal satisfaction from their achievements.


Art gives pleasure and meaning to our daily experience!

Below are some art pieces created by students at HAA - We're so proud of them!!

Additional extracurriculars include:

Large-scale Musicals (eg. Music Man)

Model United Nations (High School)

Choir & Band Festivals (MS & HS)

Debates (High School)

National (HS) & National Jr (MS) Honor Society

Robotics Competitions (Middle School)

Spelling Bees (K-7)

Numerous field trips... And more!

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