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Trips and Tours - Explore your options

Hinsdale Adventist Academy offers a variety of educational tours conducted by faculty of the English, Social Studies, Music, Religion and Physical Education departments. Some tours are offered annually while others are alternated on a planned schedule. Costs of the tours are in addition to the annual tuition charge and are to be paid in advance by the student participants.

The following are included in the list of tours:

  • 8th grade class trip to Washington, D.C.

  • Europe Study Tour (June 2021)

  • Model United Nations

  • Interscholastic Sports Tournaments

  • Outdoor Education

  • Music Tours

  • International Mission Trip - US Virgin Islands (March 2020)

  • Domestic Mission Trips

The specific content of each tour is planned by the faculty of the academy. The objectives and academic credit available for each tour are stated in the specific course descriptions and outlines. All tours require the committed participation of each student whether it be academic assignments, music practices and performances, demanding physical involvement, evangelistic and witnessing activities, meeting appointments promptly, supporting the group objectives and/or whatever other expectations may be part of the program.

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