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Board of Trustees

The 12 member Board of Trustees/Resource Board includes alumni, constituent church pastors, community representatives, parent representatives, and membership from local churches. 

The Resource Board has oversight of the school mission and day to day support services, but ultimately the Illinois Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventist Church formally holds authority in matters of property, funding, and faculty.

The Principal of Hinsdale Adventist Academy serves as “Director of the Work” and receives their mission from the the Illinois Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventist. The Principal is responsible for fulfilling the spiritual mission of the school.


Mr. Meechai Tessale
Pastor Nelson Soriano
Mr. Karl Martz
Dr. Ruth Horton
Mr. Greg Hann
Mr. Thor Thordarson
Mrs. Lori Aguilar
Mrs. Judie Rosa
Pastor Kenneth Parker


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